TC McCormack

The immense Ventriloquism,
a still from the film, 2015

C-type photograph, 42 X 29cm, 2014

Installation view of The Absolute Outside, Spor Klübü, Berlin, 2015

deskwork for Holger,
view of site specific installation, at Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, 2015
curated intervention made in collaboration with Michelle Atherton
featuring; Kollisionary Kino paintings by Dale Holmes

the unspeakable
digital print on paper, 138 X 104cm, 2011

field series 3: Dumb fixity
Installation view, a detail of a participant’s assemblage. 2010
created in collaboration with Martin J Gent

latent intent
digital print on paper, 44 X 30cm, 2009