TC McCormack
TC McCormack

Hybrid Display Structures
a series of large fabric-based printed panels are suspended from a lightweight framework and gallery walls, orientated in counterpart to a selection of paintings and prints by seven contemporary artists. The Immense Ventriloquism Part.2, at nationa lmuseum, Berlin, 2020
HDS.004a (centre) with Phantom Limb by Marie von Heyl (on left) & BVFS, Nr.1 by Oliver Zwink (right)

Paysages Sous Tensions
features the film installation: La Plupart des Objets Restent Invisibles (Most Objects Go Unseen) 2020, with French translation. This group exhibition of international artists was curated by Pauline Boucharlat, at Espace d’art La Brava, Thônes, France, 2021

Play it as it lays
Installation featuring a collection of objects and materials, video projection and audio
As Much About Forgetting, a group exhibition, Viborg Kunsthal, Denmark 2018

The Graveside Orations of Carl Einstein
Edited by Sharon Kivland & Dale Holmes featuring: As It Was, I Have A Problem With As It Was by TC McCormack
*Book launch at South London Gallery, on 11 September 2019
6.30pm start. Along with other contributors, I'll do a reading on the night

All our Ships are at Sea
a spoken text (audio looped), a series of suspended fabric prints, a large wall based print and a video diptych (on Barco monitors). It doesn’t have a Shape, it has a Shadow, a three person exhibition, at Spor Klübü, Berlin 2019

A series of public talks on artist led curating and on my research, in conversation with Yan Yan (curator at Today Art Museum, at OWSPACE, Beijing, also at AIVA space in Shanghai and ART23 contemporary art gallery in Guangzhou. Dec.2018

Platform Assemblage
A collection of sculpture and drawings by Matthew Burbidge, Ingo Gerken, Sonja Burbidge, Marie von Heyl, Wolf von Kries, Michael Schultze, Lea Torp Nielsen & Oliver Zwink, with HD video projection, audio and curated by TC McCormack
The Immense Ventriloquism, nationalmuseum, Berlin, 2017

The Immense Ventriloquism
(No.003), diptych HD video projections with audio and a series of suspended fabric prints.
Installation view of The Immense Ventriloquism, nationalmuseum, Berlin, 2017

Platform Assemblage
A collection of sculpture and drawings by eight artists (find credits above), with HD video projection & audio.
The Immense Ventriloquism, nationalmuseum, Berlin, 2017

Floating land
Triptych of prints, in light boxes (on the left).
ZM. no.003 to 006), digital print series, in light boxes (upper center and right).
Installation view from A Ragged Gesture, Kunstraum, Linz, 2016

O Mine
HD video diptych, projection with audio
A Ragged Gesture, Kunstraum, Linz, 2016

C-type print and audio,
Radical Praxes 01a / A Political Idiom, Nationalmuseum, Berlin, 2016

The immense Ventriloquism,
a still from the film, 2015

C-type photograph, 42 X 29cm

Installation view of The Absolute Outside, Spor Klübü, Berlin, 2015

deskwork for Holger,
view of site specific installation, at Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, 2015
curated intervention made in collaboration with Michelle Atherton
featuring; Kollisionary Kino paintings by Dale Holmes

Installation featuring sculpture, collage, print, video and audio, made in collaboration with Oliver Zwink at LoBe, Berlin 2011

the unspeakable
digital print on paper, 138 X 104cm, 2011

field series 3: Dumb fixity
Installation view, a detail of a participant’s assemblage. 2010
created in collaboration with Martin J Gent

latent intent
digital print on paper, 44 X 30cm, 2009