TC McCormack

I am an artist, curator and researcher, my central preoccupation has always been how we navigate the space between the legacy of modernism and the reach of contemporaneous media. I make work that explores the aesthetics of cultural memory and considers various phenomena of resistance space. My research involves searching through archives and collections for imagery and speculative contexts, in the social sphere, architecture, film history, sculpture, technology, museology and urban planning.

My work is primarily based in film and installation, yet also spans collage, photography and text. This cross disciplinary approach enables me to inhabit a number of artistic strategies. Though the intentions attributed to each of these media are quite separate, I always consider their potential to connect and translate.

My curatorial led research offers a space to form connections and engage in rewarding collaborations with artists and arts institutions. I maintain a productive misunderstanding with the notion of curating, not because it is an extension of my practice led research, rather I recognise it is a creative counter force, that challenges me and my practice.

I have exhibited widely internationally and the UK, my work is commissioned by arts institutions and galleries.

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