TC McCormack

TC is an artist and curator, his central preoccupation has always been how we navigate the space between the legacy of modernism and the reach of contemporaneous media. His work explores the displacement of agency and the slipperiness of cultural memory, he examines the autonomous and authorial positions of artworks and considers the Curitorial as a site of critical and disruptive activity.

McCormack’s research involves searching for speculative contexts and visual material, from archives to the social sphere, via architecture, film history, technology, museology and urban planning. His work is primarily based in film and installation, but equally encompasses photography, text and collage. Commissioned by arts institutions and galleries, his work is predominantly exhibited outside the UK.

His curatorial led research offers a space to form connections and engage in rewarding collaborations with artists, institutions and other creative disciplines. TC maintains a productive misunderstanding with the notion of curating, how it relates to the curatorial and intersects with collaborative possibilities. He has exhibited widely internationally and in the UK, he has been commissioned by arts institutions and galleries.

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