TC McCormack

Always doing something, with somebody, somewhere
at Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, Austria. 2015

a group exhibition and an event: Kristallin#9
curated by: TC McCormack and Michelle Atherton

Featured artists: Jim Howieson, Dale Holmes, Sarah Botha, Michelle Atherton, Del Hoyle and TC McCormack

Always doing something, with somebody, somewhere investigates a curatorial proposition: can curation be an active production… to push new relations and forms.

The group exhibition featured three distinct elements; first a program of artist films, interspersed with a selection of appropriated film clips from a range of sources in the public domain. Second; a large free standing structure that featured a constellation of drawings, texts and printed material. A choreography of gestures and the explicit process of choices made visible. Third element was a sited mobile of paintings, that enclosed the office desk of the director of Atelierhaus Salzamt.

Gallery Space: Video works

Flexi Time. 2015 Jim Howieson

Just do it. 2015 Del Holye

Arp. 2015 Michelle Atherton

Most people, most of the time, behave well
- (Part 2) 2015 TC McCormack

deskwork for Mag. Holger Jagersberger
Director of Atelierhaus Salzamt, Buro.
Kollisionary Kino (barricade painting) by Dale Holmes
sited & arranged by McCormack & Atherton

Safety Recording II. 2014 Sarah Botha
Sited in Lower Corridor of Atelierhaus Salzamt

featured a range of artworks, a collage (as curatorial proposition) and a series of appropriated materials; including a film on an architect (Anti-villa) to a natural history documentary. The art works included; a site specific assemblage, a series of films and a sited audio piece.