TC McCormack

Domino Office/Riot Augmentation
Dale Holmes

A residency and an exhibition

For his residency, Holmes augmented existing architecture and design found in Spinach, he created a set of hinged constructions that acted as a new surface to the existing screens. These new 'skins' were made with timber frameworks and stretched fabrics, these new surfaces are themselves augmented with magazine pages and various coloured and reflective tapes.

These 'stage sets' through the alteration of an existing working environment created the opportunity to reflect upon the processes at play in the Spinach office; objectifying both the spatial logics of the office itself and the work force which exists within it.

The working title for the residency is Domino Office/Riot Augmentation. The first part of the title references the classic Domino architecture of Le Corbusier due to the Spinach office utilises related design ethics and aesthetics - open spaces, communication and freedoms of movement and construction. The second part is a direct reference to the famous Gehry House in Santa Monica, CA. Frank Gehry's house is characterised by the use of new 'skins', surfaces that partially and often fully obscure the existing architecture beneath. This process of augmentation and the narratives of closure and security create a tension between the liberal ethos of the former.

Dale produced a text to read to the staff at Spinach; it considered the aesthetics of the show in terms of the materialisation and dematerialisation of labour in relation to art and research.

Curated and facilitated by TC McCormack and Martin J Gent.