TC McCormack

The Era Of Dissolution

in collaboration with Michelle Atherton, this project is an interdisciplinary curatorial counter position for investigating the pertinent structures for our time.

Through a curatorial counter position we have an interest in trying to find structures for our time and to move against a style of repeating pasts. In trying to loosen frames and participate in a realm of unstructured forms of knowledge. We want to reject prevailing re-iterations of past modernisms and decry nostalgia productions and aim to stack things in a different way (idea’s, forms and processes). We want to use institutions as material, initiating institutional affairs. Our aim is to revisit today’s structures – so something can be shifted, extracted or indeed added. Our investigation is concerned with finding, formulating and testing the possibilities to realise forms and instances that do not adhere or sit easily within known trajectories, that are, in their character, more impure in their askew glance to futurity.