TC McCormack

Platform Assemblage
Platform structure 3x2m, a collection of sculptures and drawings by eight artists, HD digital projection animations 2017

Features work by: Matthew Burbidge, Ingo Gerken, Sonja Burbidge, Marie von Heyl, Wolf van Kries, Michael Schultze, Lea Torp Nielsen & Oliver Zwink.

The platform features a collection of sculptures and drawings by eight artists, the curation of their artworks deliberately forces a closer set of proximities, and onto that assemblage are projected sequences of animated pattern-motifs.

As singularities within this assemblage, the selected sculptures have quite different characteristics, each piece is considered for how it effects and activates the others. These formal gestures are counterpoint to and within the aggregate, distinct and various positions on the platform.

The curatorial assembling of the art works resists any temporal trajectory; rather enabling them to co-exist contemporaneously. This temporal dynamic permeates the exhibition’s visual language; from a divergent fragmentation of surfaces, or dissembling patterns, to an ungraspable slippage of content. As indeed it informs the material configuration; evident in the collaging process within the animations, in the editing structure and within the assemblage fabrication.

Platform Assemblage featured in the exhibition The Immense Ventriloquism
which in addition to the curated platform, included a film diptych and a series of suspended fabric prints.