TC McCormack

Radical Praxes

Radical Praxes is a place for reflection, dialogue, experiment and performative gatherings. We are the kids from fame with social messages on our socks – and a guitarist instead of a cellist.

Radical Praxes includes the following associates: Matthew Burbidge, Michael Schultze, Kirsten Palz, Denise Araouzou, Alexandra Hopf, Fresh White, Anne Gathmann, Tom Trevatt, Dale Holmes, Raaf van der Sman, TC McCormack, Patrick Fabian Panetta, Zoe Claire Miller and many others. Matthew Burbidge is the founding president of Radical Praxes. Associates of Radical Praxes are elected every four years. The founding association will serve for four years from May 2016. The group operates in two languages, German and English.