TC McCormack

the absolute outside
Spor Klübü, Berlin, 2015
curated by TC McCormack

This exhibition featured five artists from Berlin and the UK: Marie von Heyl, Richard Sides Matthew Noel Tod, TC McCormack & Oliver Zwink.

the absolute outside, is a term coined by Quentin Meillassoux to describe a space that exists beyond the limits of our thoughts, of being genuinely elsewhere. He argues that thought ‘can never get outside itself to encounter the world as it really is’. All we can ever know is ‘how the world is for us, not how it is in itself.’

The potential to entertain this speculative exteriority can be glimpsed in the selected work of the exhibiting artists; though their practices each have distinct concerns, all have strayed onto this speculative territory. In this spirit of being genuinely elsewhere, there is the hope that this exhibition offers the viewer a moment of self-doubt; and see’s them ask a simple question; where should-I-stand-in-here?

‘the absolute outside’ quoted from the book ‘After Finitude’ (Bloomsbury 2010) Quentin Meillassoux Read review