TC McCormack

The Graveside Orations of Carl Einstein

As It Was, I Have A Problem With As It Was
by TC McCormack


As It Was, I Have A Problem With As It Was ‘Should objects fall apart of should man?’ TC McCormack explores the Einsteinian themes of memory in the story of an unravelled state of co-habitation; between a man and a machine.


The Graveside Orations of Carl Einstein. 2019 marks the centenary of the murder of Rosa Luxemburg by a gang of fascists in Berlin, Germany. Her body was dumped in the river and not retrieved for many months. On 13 June 1919, a memorial was held. At the ceremony, there were a number of graveside orations. One was given by the art theorist and writer Carl Einstein. Einstein’s contribution has been the subject of some confusion.

Through the multiple substitutions of Carl Einstein – a practice that Einstein pursued throughout his life – the themes of masked subjectivity, mistaken identities, of persons that are substituted after the event, of orations, speeches, and texts rewritten, speculated upon and redelivered that celebrate, map and fictionalise a past life are explored in this book.

Language English
Title of host publication The Graveside Orations of Carl Einstein
Editors Dale Holmes, Sharon Kivland
ISBN (Print) 978-1- 910055-60-1
Publication status Published - 2019