TC McCormack

Transmission: HOST series

Taconis Stolk
William Hunt
Torsten Lauschmann

Host: TC McCormack

Artwords Press 65a Rivington Street, London EC2A 3QQ

Edited by Sharon Kivland & designed by Alan Rutherford

Taconis Stolk – 2010, William Hunt – 2009 & Torsten Lauschmann - 2008 ISBN: 978-1-906441-23-4 / 978-1-906441-18-0 / 978-1-906441-16-6

Each book was a collaboration between a host artist and an invited artist. The host selects and presents his or her guest. A critical engagement between host and guest is assumed; what exactly that relationship is made evident through discussion. There is an ethics of hospitality, of making the stranger welcome. There is a bond between host and guest, and here, the bond is formed by the engagement in the practice of art. Something is shared between host and guest, and this is shared with others, who are guests as well. These books feature images and texts, conversations, questions and other forms of exchange.