TC McCormack

All our Ships are at Sea

at Spor Klübü, Berlin 2019

At its centre, this assemblage features a spoken text, with a video diptych (on Barco monitors), positioned amidst a series of large suspended fabric prints, which closely corresponds to a large wall based print.

The pattern motifs and time-based content are adaptations of evasive optical registers, drawn from a stealth technology and topological features (mapping geometry, architectural measure). Audible within the gallery, multiple voices speak of a divergent fragmentation and a sense of dissembling control. Likewise the visual language alludes to an ungraspable slippage of content.

In this time-based installation, sequential visual phrasing enables the pattern motifs to move between and across monitor screens, which in turn sets up a direct dialogue with the larger fabric and mural based prints.

The spatial interplay between the corresponding large pattern motif structures denies the viewer a fixed optical register, offset or displaced… the gaze refuses to settle. A curatorial led enquiry has partly informed this structural composition of this assemblage.

Foregrounding the spatial qualities of patterned surface with the temporal conditions of video, enables the animated content to move away from more conventional narrative structures to explore a more immersive and intimate environment.

Presented in the exhibition: It doesn’t have a Shape, it has a Shadow featuring TC McCormack, Michelle Atherton and Jette Gejl

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