TC McCormack

The Immense Ventriloquism
10 min. 2015

What if the truth is a material configuration? 1

It is true that a material configuration can be formulated, categorized or consumed in countless ways, but does understanding this reality bring us any closer to recognizing truth; material or otherwise? The film is a kind of visual poem, a particular rhythmic structure is achieved through the cadence of the textual phrasing and the variety and complexity of the image sequences.

The film features two integral forms: one is text; as sequences of phrases, and the other is the still image; as fragments of photographs. This speculative pairing…sees this film move between conflicting dialogues, on a journey to consider the nature of truth. This dichotomy affords a particular form of triangulation with the viewer; seen through two filters, two frames and two ungraspable projections.

1. Hito Steyerl: “AThingLikeYou and Me,” e-flux journal 15 (April 2010)

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