TC McCormack

La Plupart des Objets Restent Invisibles

Most Objects Go Unseen

La Plupart des Objets Restent Invisibles (Most Objects Go Unseen) exists somewhere between an ontographic study and an immersive travelogue. Featuring a mobilised species of objects; in order of appearance; Boundary object, Privileged object, Discrete object, Quasi-object, Unknowable object, Exhausted object & Proto object. The film follows their non-linear migratory patterns and atomized relationships, on a journey through diverse terrains and climates.

This network of relations displays an illusion of proximity, while each of the subjects exhibits distinctive interpretations of a shared ritual. The film denies direct access to the objects, the viewer is left to speculate if they are human or non-human... a species of bird, a group of economic migrants or an affiliation of abstract intentions.

At the centre of this film is a voice that narrates and reflects on the objects progress, speaking to the traces amidst their interweaving trails. The film features animated scenes, alongside sequences of still imagery, satellite photography, urban and rural film footage, and diagrams.

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