TC McCormack

Play it as it lays

Viborg Kunsthal, Denmark. 2018

Installation featuring a collection of statues, artefacts, sculpture and contemporary materials, HD digital video projection and audio.

Play it as it lays, is an assemblage platform structure, within a time-based installation that features a sequence of projected animated pattern-motifs. The assemblage is made up of a collection of artefacts, statues, sculpture and other contemporaneous materials (including products), this collection has been made possible through the support and access to the archive at Viborg archive.

This immersive installation is conceived as an excavation site, a staging to reassess our public and private collections of various categorisations. Foregrounding the spatial qualities of projected animation with the temporal conditions of sculpture, enables this body of work* to move away from the more conventional narrative structures and explore a more immersive and intimate environment.

The animated patterns originate from a body of research that speaks of topographies; from a stealth technology used to cloak sensitive material, to an excavating form of topographical mapping and further examples optical registers.

Play it as it lays was presented in the large East Wing gallery of Viborg Kunsthal, in the group exhibition: As Much About Forgetting As Much About Forgetting was co-curated by TC McCormack, Michelle Atherton & Jette Gejl.

*This piece relates to the exhibition The Immense Ventriloquism at nationalmuseum, Berlin, 2017

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