TC McCormack

The Immense Ventriloquism

HD digital projections, a series of suspended fabric prints, a low platform structure with a collection of sculptures and drawings. 2017

It was not from the vast ventriloquism of sleep’s faded papier-mache… The sun was coming from the outside.

by Wallace Stevens, from the poem - Not ideas about the thing, but the thing itself’

The exhibition encompassed a diptych of films, displayed through digital projection, three large fabric prints suspended in an offset arrangement, and a platform assemblage which featured a collection of sculptures and drawings by eight artists, onto which a series of animated pattern-motifs are projected. The Immense Ventriloquism is also the title for the film diptych.

The film diptych is in a dialogue with the animated platform assemblage, the visual phrasing moves between and across the three time-based elements with a particular cadence and rhythmic structure. Each phrase or scene appears as a material configuration; their characteristics are distinctly different; in form, tone and pace.

The term Ventriloquism speaks to the immediacy of difference, and in the activation of the other. This exhibition questions the boundaries between video and sculpture, materiality and immateriality, by foregrounding the temporal as much as spatial conditions of sculpture, and valuing the digital surface with equal regard.

As an unfolding act of dislocation, the animated pattern-motifs resist any temporal trajectory; in they appear to move in and out of time. This idea informs the project’s visual language; from a divergent fragmentation of surfaces, to the dissembling patterns, and an ungraspable slippage of content.

As singularities within the assemblage, the selected sculptures have quite different characteristics, each piece is considered for how it effects and activates the others. These formal gestures are counterpoint to and within the aggregate, distinct and various positions on the platform.

The assemblage platform features work by: Matthew Burbidge, Ingo Gerken, Sonja Burbidge, Marie von Heyl, Wolf van Kries, Michael Schultze, Lea Torp Nielsen & Oliver Zwink.

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