TC McCormack

We didn’t look after it, it fell apart

Monitor diptych and large print (back lit).
HD video (looped) dimensions variable

Viborg Kunsthal, Viborg, Denmark, Sept-Nov 2018

This work features a large print (backlit freestanding) and two monitors, one of which is draped a translucent fabric print. Both monitors display animated sequences that negated a filmic narrative form, rather they present a more spatial animated language. The monitors positioning within the gallery space reflects their function as activating objects or animated forms.

The large free standing back-lit print frames one end of the gallery space and depicts a linear set of lines that appear to resemble both a grid and a double mask like face. The crudeness of the lines speaks the language of Neolithic drawing, while the slight fragmentation of the image gives the impression of a dissolution or an unravelling.

Both monitor screens display sequential phrasing, which enables animated gestures and scenes to move between the pair of screens, and by extension converse across the space, which in turn sets up a dialogue with a large backlit print that frames the gallery space. Collectively these three elements appear to move in and out of time, while managing to resist any conventional temporal reading, they speak to unfolding acts of dislocation.

A translucent fabric print is draped over a vertical monitor screen, which creates a doubling optical effect of overlaying two digital patterns. The fabric had the effect of softening the monitor, making it more of an object.

This work was developed in response to the curatorial theme of the exhibition, the elements and composition were developed in direct response to Laura White’s sculptures, which were planned to be presented in the same space. An active curatorial conversation was an important aspect to this piece, to consider the wider scope of forms and materials. This is an example of curatorial led art practice.

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